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MAHLE Parwanoo plant is the largest filter facility in the country, May 01, 2014

Mahle Parwanoo Plant, established in 1976, is the largest filter facility in India with a spread over area of 9000 sq mts. and has an annual manufacturing capacity of 18 million units. While the plant manufactures predominantly filter inserts, spin-on for both the domestic and export markets, it also serves the aviation segments.

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MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited recognises talent, announces list of Human Capital, Apr10, 2014

MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited follows the effective talent management strategy of identifying, engaging and retaining talent through a culture of high performance, talent recognition and development.

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MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited- Technology Driven Growth, Oct 01, 2013

Unlike a couple of years back, record sales performance, increasing demand and new product development are terms not frequently heard of these days. At MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited though, there is a sense of enthusiasm echoing throughout the working environment.


Human Capital: Nurturing Talent, Sep 01, 2013

Employees exhibiting high potential for growth and are high on performance, those who can become the future leaders for the company, are recognised as "Human Capital". These are the potential future pillars of the organisation who can also take up leadership roles in future.

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MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited Global Presence of Indian Talent and Cross learning, Jun 01, 2013

Showcasing Indian talent on a global platform, on an average four to five executives per month are given an exposure to MAHLE global locations for various meetings, global meets / interactions and project based deputation.

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Students from foreign university Visiting MFSI Khandsa and Pune Facilities, May 01, 2013

We unite different cultures, languages, professions and perspectives in our globally integrated enterprise. This practice is the cornerstone of our business strategy and it's helping to fuel our rapid growth in the international market.

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Extending Internship to Young Talent from different Halls of Ivy, Jan 01, 2013

In an exclusive effort to support education and to provide exposure and training to young minds, a Group of 60 trainees have undergone Summer Internship at MFSI in Q1-Q2 2013 (Jan to June).

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Manufacturing Facility at Chennai gearing up for manufacturing future Product Portfolios, Sep 18, 2012

Commissioned in Jan 2011, for manufacturing engine components like intake manifold and air intake systems, Chennai facility is growing year on year with its advanced technology based production lines.

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Safety Initiative @ MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited - 'Safety is my responsibility', Sep 01, 2012

MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited took responsibility in its hands rather than only depending on experts. Starting with Safety Month in September 2012, MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited has come a long way in creating awareness for passion for safety in the hearts of everyone. The initiative started with observing of Safety Month followed by further safety actions such as chemical-storage, handling, usage and transportation; equipment- extending existing approaches of pro

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MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Private Limited Green Approach, Aug 01, 2012

Our basic product offered is filter that reduces pollution in any shape or form in the environment (solid / liquid / gas). Other initiatives which are on-going are:

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